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    Multi-site Drupal for government

My name is Marc Patterson and I’m the founder of Patterson Consulting – a web development and training consultancy based in Galway, Ireland.

After a 12 year career working as an IT consultant, building web applications for large businesses and government departments, I set up Patterson Consulting with the aim of delivering the same high quality, innovative websites at an affordable cost for all businesses regardless of their size or budget.

At Patterson Consulting we specialise in building websites using web content management systems – software that lets you look after the content of your website yourself, with no need for learning nerdy code or having to employ a webmaster. This makes your website easy to update, more responsive to your changing business needs, with the flexibility to add in functionality such as blogs, shopping carts, social media, and more.

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We can assist you with every stage of your website project – whether it’s designing and building a brand new website for your business or extending and improving your existing website.


Here are just a few of the clients we’ve worked with recently. Most of our customers have come to us via personal recommendations from other clients, or via repeat business, which tells its own story. Click on a client name below to view a screenshot, or click here for our full list of clients.


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